The Pacific Trailer Club Story

In 1941, an RV club named the Pacific Trailer Club was formed in Pomona, CA.  Back then there were only trailers, thus the name "Pacific Trailer Club".  Now we have all kinds of rigs, ranging from travel trailers and 5th wheels to class C, class B, and class A motor homes.  We are the oldest continuously active RV club.

However, our RV club is more than an assembly of rigs; we are an assembly of fun loving people who love our monthly outings, our rigs, and each other.  Our members come from all walks of life and thus bring a variety of interests to the club.  The majority of our group are retirees and "empty nesters" who love to RV and have fun.  There are normally no children at our outings, but occasionally a member will bring a child or grandchild.  Our members reside throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

All the campgrounds in our official camping schedule have full hookups.  Some of our club members organize additional side trips to fun places, and all our members are invited to participate.  For example, the 'Craft and Gem Show' in Quartzsite, Arizona in January; the '
Bluegrass Festival' in Blythe, California; the 'Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta' in New Mexico in October and the 'FMCA Rally' in Indio, California in January.  Most of these side trips include "dry camping".

Our Activities

The RV club camps monthly, except for July, August, and December, at various RV parks in Southern California.  In July or August we have a summer picnic and in December we have a Christmas luncheon, at which time we install our elected officers for the coming year.

The theme and activities for each outing are planned by a team consisting of about eight people.  The teams rotate with each team planning about three outings a year. Activities for each outing are often dictated by the season, the location, the weather, and local attractions.  Activities may include outdoor and indoor games, eating out at a local restaurant, crafts or a special project, visiting local attractions, relaxing, or just visiting. All activities are optional and you may participate as you choose.

At each outing we have a general membership meeting to keep everyone informed.  A potluck is usually held on Saturday evening and everyone brings a favorite dish to share.  The potluck is usually followed by a special program or entertainment.  A Christian devotion is held on Sunday morning, prior to our departure, for those who wish to attend.

General Information

There are about twenty five rigs in the RV club.  Between fifteen and twenty rigs attend most outings.
Our outings are held from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.  All group camping reservations are made by our Wagon Master.  Some members will arrive a day early or stay an additional day.  These extra days are usually available at our club discounted rate.

Guide Dogs of America is our charity.   To raise money to benefit GDA, we conduct a twice yearly book sale, and a raffle at the Christmas luncheon .

We believe that alcohol free gatherings outside our rigs provide the best setting for wholesome fun for everyone.  However, if members wish, they may indulge responsibly in social drinking of alcoholic beverages.  Members are asked to abstain from discussing or promoting politics or religion which goes beyond the point of friendly conversation.

We believe in good communications.  We keep our members informed at the general membership meeting at each outing, and also through our monthly email newsletter 'The Treads', and on our website at ''.   Our outings are scheduled up to two years in advance so people can plan ahead.  The next forthcoming camp-out, and the deadline to signup for that camp-out with our Wagon Master , is announced at each general membership meeting and published in 'The Treads'.

Think you might be interested in our RV club?

If you are interested in our RV club, the best way to see if you like our club is to try us out a few times.  We encourage you to camp with us as a visitor to see how you like us.  We will try to make you feel at home, and not feel like a stranger.  We require potential members to camp with us three times as a visitor before deciding to join.  Candidates for membership must be approved by the Board.

If you would like to camp with us as a visitor and "try us out", please use our "Contact Us" page on this website and leave your message, name, address & city, and email address and we will respond quickly with instructions to contact our Wagon Master to make a camping reservation for you.  You can view our camping schedule on this website via the "Camping Schedules" page.   Hope to meet you at a camp-out soon!

You may also use our "Contact Us" page to ask any additional questions about our club which were not answered on this website. 


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